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Where to Find the Best Pawna Lake Camping

In the Western Ghats mountain range, the majestic Pawna Lake sits serenely amidst the dense forests that surround it. With crystal clear waters and towering trees, it’s easy to see why Pawna Lake is one of the most popular camping destinations in India! Located just two hours north of Mumbai and eight hours south of Delhi, Pawna Lake offers all the beauty of nature along with plenty of recreational activities to keep you busy while you camp!

Introduction to Pawna Lake

If you’re planning a trip to India, or if you simply want to see what one of Asia’s largest lakes looks like, head to Southern India and visit Pawna Lake. This beautiful body of water is well known for its pristine waters and unique wildlife. The area around the lake features serene scenery that makes it perfect for a number of activities including hiking, boating, camping and fishing.

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